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I started this painting in April and finished at the beginning of July 2019 from my home studio in Clarendon Park.


My inspiration was simply a black and white photograph of New York Times Square.  From this, I decided to use an impasto technique for atmosphere, which demands a rapid and fresh approach. I used a vibrant colour palette as an ode to Van Gogh, and to add an extra punch.  Often inspired by music and album covers, I want my work to appear modern and contemporary, and of the now.  


Set in the early evening light, I found the energetic movement around the intersection very intriguing;  in this painting, we can see the public dashing between vehicles, and distinctively yellow cabs leaving trails from their headlights. The chaotic spirit of the moment was important to capture. The lively sky and the large big city buildings which loom over the moving figures were part of a painterly technique that only oil can offer.


From my interest in abstract art, I’ve used blocks of colour for the famous buildings and, being obvious to the viewer, I didn’t feel it necessary to define them more.  Sections of the foreground road and people have also been left undefined. I consider it a contemporary trend to have less finished paintings.

New York Times Square

  • Oil on linen

  • 30.5 x 30.5cm

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