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Commissioned Work

Lizzy Hewitt’s artworks have become increasingly sought after and collectable. She has been commissioned by many BBC celebrities and top-end businesses for bespoke portraits.

In her earlier artworks, she creates large-scale, imaginative environments of people and place.  Through Hewitt's distinctive wide-angle perspective, these artworks are full of interesting and amusing details. Her wide-angle people and ‘wonky’ buildings even caught the attention of the NHS, who subsequently commissioned her. Colour is always important in Hewitt's work, inspired by the great colourists such as Vincent Van Gogh. Combining her past influences, she is presently working on a series of modern portraits in oil of key figures in the artistic fields and popular culture.


Painting commission for 'The Rage' bands Album

Art, front cover.

Oil on canvas, size 50x50cm.


'Rocker Steve'

Commissioned portrait of musician 'Rocker Steve' for the back cover of his album.

Oil on canvas, size 50x50cm.

St Paul's Cathedral, commission

Pencil, pen & ink and watercolour.

London Skyline, 'A Rose-tinted City.' Commission

Pencil, pen & ink and watercolour

Size 59.4 x42cm

BBC Leicester, 'Clueless.'  Commissioned by Tony Wadsworth and Julie Mayer.

Smith family portrait, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

Anne Davies family portrait, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

Knightsbridge Fashion, commission

Pen& ink and watercolour.

Emma & Jonathan Agnew at home, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

Indy Hair, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour

Barrie Stephen Hair, Commission

Pen & ink and watercolour

Lumbers Jewellers, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

Radio Daze, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

"Lizzy and I worked on the basic idea for this portrait together but the final picture came as a wonderful surprise!  The old & the new, the then & now, radio as entertainment, radio as theatre, there are so many ways to take it, as many ways as the picture's being used, on websites and blogs, business cards & on mugs!  Lizzy is so amazingly talented."

Mitch De Faria, Broadcaster

Stean's Yard, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

"I loved living at Stean's Yard & Lizzy's picture sums up everything that was wonderful about it, the colour & approachability of the building, the wild gardens & darling Harry who appeared in the completed painting.  I liked it so much that when the house was sold the picture was used in the sales particulars."

Ches Baker, commission

Pen & ink and watercolour.

"I love this picture, Liz has somehow translated her observations on my personality into this quirky drawing.  Fantastic stuff.  I use this drawing rather than a photo of myself to promote my website".

Ches Baker, Writer

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