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I started ‘Be Free Seascape’ in early September 2019 and finished in mid October from my home studio in Clarendon Park. 


The this painting went through a series of changes, before decidng that this would be a seascape.  Initially, I liked the idea of depicting a very small white horse as a central element, to add interest, but not compete with the sky.  After researching and experimenting with a combination of images, I had the idea of a seascape. I thought a line of trees in silhouette would make an interesting contrast to the sea, as these two elements are not usually placed together.  The girl running in the waves adds a human element and, like Munch, I wanted to involve emotion as a ‘soul painting’.


This seascape combines two main ideas: the sky and the sea.  The sky was inspired by an impressive sunset that I photographed at a music event. Speaking of music, I’m often inspired by album covers and subjects used in atmospheric environments. In this instance, I was inspired by infrared photography.


The sea is painted in an impressionist style;  Brush marks of blocks of colour are laid down in layers, leaving gaps in some of the marks in each layer, allowing the previous layers to show through.  This creates a vibrant surface and allows a degree of optical mixing, as the strokes of different colours placed beside one another fuse together.

Be Free Seascape

  • Oil on linen

  • 30.5x30.5cm

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