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Exhibitions-Leicester New Walk Museum and The Royal Academy

The most recent developments in my art life have included one of my painting's being chosen for exhibit at New Walk Open Exhibition and the submission of the same works for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2024. A friend of mine had read this revealing book about how and why our government has problem's and how it often doesn't work. The book is called 'How Westminster Works...and Why It Doesn't' . The book is by Ian Dunt and the front cover and the fly jacket at the back depict broken images of Big Ben and The Elizabeth Tower, with these images created by Alex Kirby. So I decided to create a painting of The Palace of Westminster, a straight foward and acurate depiction but I also did a wonky and quirky version, and so for the two painting's I used a similar title. These two painting's are originals but I'm doing limited edition prints and keeping the prices low in the hope that people will wanty to buy the two of them as a pair. The two pictures are now on my website:

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